Remembering Walt Daugherty

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Lady in Waiting

Medley of photos: "Portrait with Portrait" Fritz Leiber Jr.
with Portrait of Fritz Leiber Sr., 4E and Florence Marley,
Candid Shot of Vincent Price with Wendy and
Forry Ackerman, Gothic Gal

Photo Center Halloween Day
(Walt always liked to get at least
one shot of himself on the sets he built)

Pleasant Dreams
(Mary Ellen as split face zombie)

Santa on Vacation

Senor Angel

Temple of the Warriors
(Self Portrait done with a timer)

The King's Hunter

Portrait of an Ant

Titania's Garden

Way Weary Wizard

Welcome Home!

Well, Temperature is Normal
(Fritz Leiber Jr)

(Mary Ellen when the moon is full and bright)

You Axed For It

You Rang?
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