Remembering Walt Daugherty

The Personal Side...

Walt was always a people person. He loved being in the midst of a group, whether friends, an audience or a batch of strangers whom he'd rapidly turn into friends with jokes and stories. He did like the company of ladies, as the clipping from a 1939 Palomar Ballroom's 400 Club newsletter shows. The dance crowd referred to his various lady friends as "Daugherty's Harem", since, for the most part, they all got along with each other, no matter who was currently dating him.

I knew several of his former girl friends, and yes, I did get along with them quite well. Whether he had a love of his life I don't really know. He didn't go there. But here are a few of the ladies who captured his heart along the path.

Wedding pic of Walt with first wife Eleanor O'Brien at left. Informal pic at ballroom above.
Virginia Laney, Walt's second wife.

Triviabilia: Both Eleanor and Virginia were members of LASFS and were often pictured in the same group photos.

Third wife, Lulu Cadden, with Walt at left. Above are an unknown lady (possibly Walt's aunt), Walt's Mom Lillie, and Lu with Susie and Johnnie, her two children from a prior marriage.
Fourth and final, yours truly, Mary Ellen Rabogliatti. At left with Walt in 1985 at his Hollywood High School reunion. At right with Judge Zel Cantor and best man Forry Ackerman, Wedding Day, February 14, 1987 (only took him 13 years from our first date to figure that despite the occasional rocks and potholes which are a part of all relationships, I was still around and duly ended up with the longevity record... 34 years together, the final 20 married).
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