Remembering Walt Daugherty

In the Spotlight...

Walt in typical setting behind a microphone as Emcee of, in this case, a Cinema Buffs banquet.
In photo, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, ?, Virginia O'Brien, Walt Daugherty, Virginia Christine, Friz Feld
Walt Daugherty emceeing
Walt behind the podium
emceeing a 1976
Cinema-Radio Buffs event.

Ad for L.A. Photo Center

Count Dracula Society Leaders
Forrest J Ackerman, Walt Daugherty,
Donald A. Reed, Sir Alvin Germeshausen

Assorted pictures from Walt's time at the studios mainly working as a stand-in, double, dancer, and extra.

Flying Down to Rio
Walt was only a high schooler at the time, but the film needed more dancers than were available in the union and so recruited some ballroom dancing champions, like Walt, to fill in. Can't id Walt in the photo, but he can be spotted if the film is viewed on a large screen.

Air Force

The Hitler Gang
Bottom photo is from Life Magazine's write-up on the film, a chilling reality based docudrama about Hitler's rise to power.

Hollywood Canteen
Walt was Bob Hutton's stand-in and also did extra work, plus background dancing in the film. (He also actually volunteered at the real Hollywood Canteen.)

Hollywood Canteen
Prop photo ID made for the film.

Hollywood Canteen
Continuity error. Walt is spottable in two consecutive scenes (in different clothes) as Bob Hutton leaves from and drives to two different L.A. locations (far apart).

Bathing Beauty
Walt was Red Skelton's stand-in for some time until Skelton went into the service. He occasionally can be spotted filling in with extra work.

Confidential Agent
Dance champ Walt was asked to teach actor George Coulouris to dance for a film sequence, but when the publicity went out, Lauren Bacall got all the credit. That's show biz.

God Is My Co-Pilot

The Horn Blows At Midnight

Objective Burma

Winter Meeting

The Return of the Frankenstein Monster
Walt wrote, acted in, and directed this amateur film starring Forrest J Ackerman, made by the Video Club of the L.A. Photo Center.
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