Remembering Walt Daugherty

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It's Off to Work We Go...

Cartoon by Walt Daugherty
for North American Aviation newslettter.

Walt’s renaissance man nature bloomed not only in his hobbies, but also in his day to day professional work.

Listed in no particular order and probably incomplete, Walt’s jobs included:
* As a kid, he delivered newspapers and also worked in his step-dad's lumberyard. He also lit smudge pots for farmers in cold weather to keep crops from freezing.
* North American Aviation (eventually becoming Production Controller)
* Dance Instructor
* Bouncer at the Palladium Ballroom
* Mattel Toys (Production Control)
* Management Consultant specializing in the electronics field
* Private Detective
* Realtor
* Printing (ran his own small print shop)
* Disney Studios (spent a summer painting Mickey Mouse’s shorts red and called it his most boring job)
* Motion Picture Stand In (Red Skelton, Robert Hutton and others), Extra (many films) and Stunt Man ("Key Largo" and "Night and Day")
* Staff Photographer for “Famous Monsters of Filmland” magazine
* Freelance Photographer
* Instructor at LA Rec & Parks Photo Center
*Curator of the (never built) City of LA Motion Picture Museum
* Photographer for LA Libraries and the LA Convention Center
* “Kelly Girl” and Skillpath Seminar assistant

Resume photo for consulting work

Jim Daugherty's lumberyard. Walt is the little boy standing on top of the lumber on the wagon.

John Huston shoveling mud onto
face-down-in-the-mud Walt Daugherty
in one of his glamorous jobs on "Key Largo"

Working on "God is My Co-Pilot"

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In the Spotlight

Working as Bob Hutton's stand-in.
Pic from a Photoplay article on
Bob Hutton behind the scenes

Walt's boss Valmah Price for whom
he was a real estate agent and a
private detective (yes, really)

Walt with crew at his small print shop, Bottleshop Press.

An award-winning dancer himself,
Walt gave dance lessons at several ballrooms
during the competitive dancing era.

Probably Walt's best known job was that of staff photographer for
"Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazine.
In this shot, Walt mugs with Forry Ackerman, Verne Langdon and Don Post,
at the Don Post Studios.

Man with a camera.

Walt spent many very active years on the staff of the
Los Angeles Photography Center, a part of the city's
Rec & Parks division.

Photo Center boss Clarence Inman (former member of
John Ford's WWII film crew), Neal Johnson (staff)
and Walt in front of one of the center's fronts.

Photo of author Phil Farmer
done for a book jacket

Working on a tabletop
photo shoot.

Photo shoot for "Famous Monsters".
Behind the scenes on the "Planet of the Apes"
tv show. (Photo by Mary Ellen)
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"Watch the Vulture" logo drawn for Walt by Ron Cobb
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